Ash/lilac tones are very delicate, but this shampoo cleanses as it seals, shields and maintains the life of the color in the hair. This clients hair is quite thick, so she didnt need a lot of volumizing products. I blow dried the hair smooth, and toward the end blasted label. M Shine mist through with cold air. Not everyone can pull off short locks and keep it feminine. Choose soft shapes if you have strong features.

pixie cut back by modern trends in steels and metallics. I love how strong but effortless the look seems. To maintain the color, i would recommend label. M Color Stay shampoo and Conditioner.

What type of straightening person would this look work best for? This is a haircut for the bold and beautiful. A strong haircut definitely calls for a bold personality! This color, in particular, would be best paired with a skin tone that has cooler undertones, but with a switch of the color, the style can be rocked by any skin shade! A soft pixie bowl cut is great for the active or special event lifestyle. Its great for looking sleek and chic while out of the way for your workout. Whats your best tip for someone whos considering this look? Considering if a pixie cut will work for you? Know that a while cute pixie cuts are definitely less maintenance daily, you will have to get a cut a bit more complex frequently. It is a wonderful feeling to feel the wind on your neck on a brisk day and nice not to get your hair caught on things! Try a pixie with high texture for a softer grow-out, and ask your stylist for a natural nape instead of a hard lineup for a more feminine effect.

pixie cut back

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Aqua green Undercut, q A with style creator, Presley marie poe. Hairstylist @ The parlour in Portland,. How would you describe this look and whats your favorite thing about it? This pixie-inspired look is a juxtaposition of hard and soft lines that together create a finish that embodies femininity and strength. What I love about a great short cut is that it truly encourages a passerby to wedstrijd see the face its framing before we actually look at the hair itself, putting more attention towards a beautiful face than whats framing. Which products would you recommend areas to help create and maintain this look? For this finished look, i used Pravana Twist flexible fiber to enhance the texture and increase shine. For at home care, pravana vivids Shampoo and Conditioner are essential for keeping to the vibrancy of this color. Always make sure to wash in cold water!

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Looks like something that. Miley would try, doesnt it? Razor cut pixie credit A razor is what helps to give a hair more definition. The cut itself is super cute but the detailing on the neckline is what really catches our attention. Front-or-back pixie credit Although the right stylist can cut pretty much any pixie into a way that you can wear the top and front of your hair either forward or backward, the reason why this one earns the front-or-back pixie name is because its cut. Pixie with curly front Credit Is your hair naturally curly? Then cut those sides down and leave some length up top. But dont straighten.

pixie cut back

Credit, blue is popular right now when it comes to hair color, but we totally get it if you dont want to have light blue, aqua or even royal blue hair. How do you feel about this approach to the trend? Jet black hair with dark blue highlights. Its pretty striking. A favorite color technique, no doubt. Copper-colored pixie, credit, short haircut for 2016: Copper is a big trend right now when it comes to hair color.

Sure, this cute is pretty impressive on its own but the color is definitely what takes it to a whole nother level! Slick-back kapsel mohawk pixie, credit Yep. Its a mohawk and a pixie —all in one. You can tell from the length of top that it can be styled all sorts of ways but we like that she opted to have it slicked back. (HOT!) Black-and-white pixie credit There are two features that makes this pixie extraordinary. The super low tapered back and the fact that its colored black and white throughout the top and sides.

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As you hair can see from the before picture, this models hair was already pretty short. But what makes it look a lot sleeker is the fact that the sides are tapered. Uneven pixie, credit /pinterest. Although were calling it uneven because one side is longer than the other, a pixie cut like this one can put your life perfectly into balance! Pixie with super short bangs, credit, youve got a cute face. Why hide it behind a lot of hair? Thread your brows, put on a couple of coats of mascara and trim your bangs back. Youll look as adorable as she does! Black pixie with dark blue highlights.

pixie cut back

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The cut and color are pretty amazing. Short feathered pixie, credit. If youre not familiar with who actress Brigitte nielsen is, when you get a chance, google her. Back in the 80s, she best looked a lot like thisincluding her hair. Yeah, she was pretty amazing back then. You will be now by revisiting the past with a pixie cut thats just like this one! Tapered sides pixie, credit /tumblr, daily haircut for short hair : pixie!

Classic short pixie, credit, simple easy daily hairstyle for women: This is basically a shorter way to wear a classic pixie. Itll work on any woman of any age. Side part pixie, credit. If you have sephora a pixie that youre currently in the process of growing out, heres something that you can do with those disheveled pieces. Put in a side part, add a bit of product and push your hair to one side (or the other). Lavender and grey pixie, credit, we know you have to tilt your head a bit in order to take all of this look. But once you do, cmon! Isnt it totally worth it?

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Simply put, pixie cuts are sensational. As one of the most classic ways for a woman to wear short hair, not only is it a timeless look, but there are so many different fun and unique ways to style (and color). It doesnt stop there either 100 Amazon Gift Card Sweepstakes /Free giveaways. Short pixie cuts can be extremely low maintenance (yep, you can simply get up and go!) and based on how you get it cut, its pretty easy to transition into other looks later down the road. But if all of this hasnt convinced you to make an appointment with your stylist, hopefully the following pictures will. Pixie with lots of blonde up top. Credit, this is a pretty awesome short haircut, no matter what. But the fact that it has a layer of blonde up top (and throughout the front) while being dark underneath makes it look almost multi-dimensional.

Pixie cut back
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